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Tel Aviv

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costa rica


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Buenos Aires


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In the mood for Summer

In the mood for Summer

We all are in the mood for summer; care a bit less about work and more about our salty hair, yet we cannot express how moved we're by your feedbacks and support. We've reached 70 ambassadors on Local's Lore, which means 70 city guides, it's time to get a bit sentimental. Our ambassadors are the most inspiring collective of guides. All of them are local tastemakers in their own rights and have a unique view on their cities. From photographers, through designers, entrepreneurs, baristas and brand strategists joined our community to together support the notion of conscious and insightful traveling. They all are different yet have a lot in common. They most of all feel the desire to share a unique list of lush spots which we'd like you to discover as well. Local's Lore is an invitation to join our journey and to seize the mantra; live global, experience local.

TOP 10 cafes in Portland

TOP 10 cafes in Portland

We believe that the hardest choice you'll have to make in Portland, is about choosing amongst its wonderful coffee shops. Our ambassador, Marshall Steeves has given his love for coffee and Portland's incredible coffee scene, so we asked him about his TOP 10 coffee destinations in the city. Take for instance Coava, the popular coffee shop specializes in artisanal drinks using house-roasted beans, served along with light bites and pastries. The airy spaces feature blond woods, plenty of seating and roasted beans to go. Or Case Study Coffee, one of the best cupping spots. "Cuppings are always enjoyable! Being able to taste each one side by side in a pure brew is phenomenal!” We're sure that you'll only make the best choices, thanks to Marshall!

The lore of Portland: Meet Marshall Steeves

The lore of Portland: Meet Marshall Steeves

Finding our ambassador in Portland was nothing but love for first sight. Marshall Steeves’ account is dealing with some seriously beautiful content; minimalist interior details of the coolest cafes in town. Marshall has been influenced by many different surroundings, environments, people, and lifestyles. “Craving the city life again, I moved back to Portland and have chased the creativity and culture that has thrived here. As a photographer, designer, writer, and avid minimalist, I have pushed to bring Portland a sense of unique and radiant energy that will push the design world forward and ultimately expand the city to new and never-before-seen heights.” Discover the most aesthetic gems of the city through Marshall’s lenses, who’s not only a true coffee enthusiast but a great photographer too. Go no further if you want to get a glimpse of the city’s coffee scene, concept stores and restaurants. Read on!

Top 5 coworking spaces

Top 5 coworking spaces

Coworking is a shift from traditional 9 to 5 working schedule; a lifestyle you may call it. It often goes in line with traveling and relocating on a regular basis, yet many time it’s just a preferred way of working whether you are a digital nomad or not. It’s also a hub full of creative people like you and us, filled with innovative ideas. From start-upers, designers, IT gurus, independent entrepreneurs or writers you may find inspiring stories to relate to. We have now collected some of our favourite spaces design-wise in Europe to work your day away. When traveling, you may find us in the prettiest coffee shops and coworking spaces with our laptops wide open busy emailing. The cosy atmosphere, neat design has always been an aspect when picking our temporary work station. Luckily, coworking spaces are booming and many of them makes us feel like we are in a proper Scandinavian design store without the customers mingling around. Many times these buildings include a gym, drinks bar, library, meditation room and a roof terrace that provides a lush view – all for your comfort. It looks like that we are celebrating the renaissance of work!

Zhao Zhou: Modern Tea Shop, Ancient Tea Leaves

Zhao Zhou: Modern Tea Shop, Ancient Tea Leaves

In the 21st century boundaries have been blurred; between countries, cultures, coffee-drinkers and tea-drinkers. It goes much beyond simple rules or generalization. We’re becoming more and more curious, aware and are in constant search of experiences and wow-effects. It might doesn’t sound obvious, but tea can give you one of the deepest experiences. Especially if you are consuming the right one in the right place; like a cup of puer tea at Zhao Zhou Tea Shop & Lab, in Budapest.

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