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San Francisco


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Chiang Mai


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Cape Town


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Salt Lake City


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sri lanka


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Nobis Hotel

Nobis Hotel

Copenhagen is a true epitome of Scandinavian style; a set of designer furniture in almost every space you enter, fashionable cycling commuters, hidden waterways, new-wave coffee shops filled with hygge and breath-taking design hotels, such as Nobis Hotel. The latter is known for its love for contemporary design and architecture, but also for the classic and the timeless in contrast. With a prime location next to Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen Central Station, City Hall Square and the internationally renowned Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek museum, guests can easily enjoy the comfort of being within walking distance to all the delights that the capital has to offer. But thet are also welcome to stay in and discover the Scandinavian architecture in this historic building from 1903. We just had our ambassador, Andreia from Lisbon enjoy Nobis’ world-famed hospitality, attentive service and prime design. And so she did.

Hotel Rum

Hotel Rum

When we’re asked to suggest a boutique hotel in Budapest, Hotel RUM pops immediately to our minds. This is the hotel that appeals the most to modern urban explorers, like us, like you. The hotel is perfect for those who are looking for a cozy, fun and vibrant hotel in the heart of the city. Each 40 rooms are different; furbished with Budapest-based designers’ and artist’s pieces, they made sure to have an authentic Budapest experience. The hotel brilliantly juxtaposes local furniture pieces with contemporary artworks and designer goods. Our favourite room called “Peacocks” is equipped with a fun peacocks-patterned carpet, highly coveted Position vases, a freshly painted art piece from Zsofi Barabas and a vintage dresser of our dreams. Wondering what’s the cherry on top? Hotel RUM’s Skybar, TOPRUM offers a scenic view over the city while serving you the best of the flavours in terms of cocktail- and dinner choices. Let’s take a tour, shall we?

Alchemy Bar

Alchemy Bar

Craving a trip to a sunnier part of the World? What about Valletta? Valletta is the tiny capital of the Mediterranean island nation of Malta. It’s best known for its beaches, museums, palaces and grand churches, yet in recent years many great coffee shops and bars popped up on the baroque landmarks of the city. Alchemy Bar is one of them. It's located on the Strait Street, which is the most famous street in Malta. Known as Strada Stretta in Maltese, the street used to be the very centre of nightlife amongst American and British military and Maltese frequenters between the 19th and mid-20th century. Today, the street is filled with the coolest new initiatives such as Alchemy Bar. The bar is said to invite you for a unique mixology experience, never seen before in Malta. At Alchemy Bar one can experience the mystical blend of high-end cocktail creations, tasty bites, dedicated quality service and outstanding design in the historic but totally revamped part of Strait Street, formerly known – also by the Mediterranean sailors -, as “the Gut”. Cocktails are presented by the talented and passionate bartenders. Besides an exclusive bar area, Alchemy Bar also provides a special, fully separated, private room, dedicated to those who prefer privacy while enjoying some of the most amazing flavour combinations.  Since Alchemy Bar features an exclusive and cozy ambience designed by a renowned, international, award winning designer, the interior and identity is not any less striking. Miklós Kiss created a visual identity build it upon the history of alchemy. The inverse ‘A’ letter in the logotype is a reference to the inverse triangle what means water and liquids, the letter ‘L’ is an inverse number seven, which has a secret meaning: this is the seventh unit on Strait Street. So the logotype for instace is a playful code.

The best bars in Granada

The best bars in Granada

On the occasion of our BAR category launch, our ambassadors have gathered their cities’ hotspots in terms of BARS too. You may finally have a fancy night and dive into vibrant bars or try the cities' best wineries, artisan beer places depending on your mood based on the Local's Lore guides. Our ambassadors handpicked you the finest bars and the most authentic pubs so you get to sip a lavish cocktail in stylish surroundings or take a locally brewed beer on a sunny terrace, as you please. But let's first focus on one of our favourite cities; Granada. Granada is a city in southern Spain’s Andalusia region, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. It's known for grand examples of medieval architecture dating to the Moorish occupation, especially the Alhambra. This sprawling hilltop fortress complex encompasses royal palaces, serene patios, and reflecting pools from the Nasrid dynasty, as well as the fountains and orchards of the Generalife gardens. Our local ambassador, Ismael, will make sure that you’ll not only find the view astonishing, but will take to to the best hidden bars where locals gather to socialize after a long day at work. Paripe and Sarao both belong in the same building and they are famous for their tropical atmosphere, live music with local musicians, and amazing cocktails. San Matias 30 is best known for its gin and beer selection both among locals and travelers, while Rosario Varela is a place to visit for a real Spanish treat; tapas. By the way, don't miss the bar called, Check-in, which looks like old train wagons either!

Finding Summer in Autumn

Finding Summer in Autumn

Are you not ready to let summer go? Well, if it goes anyway you have no choice left; follow it! Luckily Local’s Lore prides with amazing local guides who call magical places their homes and Summer the eternal season and a state-of-mind. When it comes to Europe opt for Granada or Biarritz to enjoy the sunrays in lush surroundings. If you’re craving a proper getaway, Sri Lanka is truly an untouched piece of magic. Natasha, our local ambassador will make sure that you will dine and surf well throughout your Autumn escape. Bangkok is a whole different story yet today’s Bangkok-experience goes much beyond it’s fascinating monuments. The new-wave of coffee culture and gastronomy scene is booming. Last but not least we’ve got Cape Town, our one and only African city for now. It’ll be love for first sight.

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