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Costa Rica


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Top 5 Festive Restaurants

Top 5 Festive Restaurants


With the festive season upon us, we have carefully selected some of the hottest restaurants around the world for you to seize every minute of togetherness in style. Each of our chosen restaurant is super special in its own right, yet this is exactly the quality what they have in common too; breath-taking venues for those looking to get into the Christmas spirit paired with the finest selection of dishes. Whether you’re looking for a place for your corporate Christmas Evening or just fancy some festive dining with friends and family, we’ve got you rather great options. Since it's festive season, we are holding a month of celebrations and we want you to join together with your beloved ones and celebrate the season of slowing down, great feasts and most of all; togetherness in no place better than around the festive table packed with the most delicate courses. As you may have noticed already, we're never not in the awe of a fine dish surrounded by just as exquisite interior. Join our journey for an unforgettable festive experience. Happy Holidays!

Tel Aviv
artTel Aviv

Tel Aviv's Art & Design scene

Tel Aviv District

Are you planning a getaway to Tel Aviv? Good! We've got your art-slash-design-slash-fashion guide covered. We've teamed up with a good friend of ours, Sarah, to take you around the city's creative hotspots. Sarah Peguine is the superwoman behind Oh So Arty, which is a community of international art guides that offer visitors an insider’s view into the contemporary art world. They are unique because their guides are professionals in the field of contemporary art working as curators, gallerists, critics, and more. They are here to show you the ins-and-outs of their local art scene—the finest galleries, museums, studios and alternative spaces. Taking a tour with Oh So Arty guarantees an unparalleled level of access to the international art world that you won’t find anywhere else. You will engage with gallery directors, meet artists in their studios and intimately converse with insiders. We cover over twenty major cities- so you can experience the quality of an Oh So Arty tour wherever you travel. Let's walk take this digital tour together. After you, Sarah!

Four Seasons: Tea Afternoon

Four Seasons: Tea Afternoon


Do you fancy having an unforgettable festive experience that is both intimate, calming and luxurious? We certainly did, so on this occasion we switched from a brunch or lunch for something more sophisticated in the lavish surroundings of the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace in Budapest; a Tea Afternoon. It’s finally that time of the year again to have an excuse to celebrate the festive season in style. The perfect place to seize the season, Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest presents festive experiences such as Afternoon Tea. Advent Herend Afternoon Tea has been a stalwart of the Afternoon-tea scene for some years, as one of the hotel’s special offerings. At Four Seasons, they pay attention to every single detail; from the fresh pinewood scent, through prime service to the type of tea and the shape of cake is being served. To give the experience a dash of a local touch, the tea is served in the famous Herend Porcelain Manufactory’s hand-painted fine porcelain sets. While Four Season’s Herend Porcelain sets were made originally for the King and Queen of England as presents, Ronnefeldt Tea is known as one of the oldest tea companies in the world. The tea leaves are harvested by hand at the best times of the year and are processed with care and respect. Perfection – each cup of Ronnefeldt tea has a characteristic colour and flavour that make it a unique sensory experience.

Pottery for your festive table

Pottery for your festive table

Do you take pottery or jewellery classes as an evening obsession? Do you go out and embrace bread baking in a real wood-fired oven during weekends? Have you just started making knitwear for your own fun? Reconnecting with craft is a thing. Many of us seeks a way out from our daily, very digital lives and craftsmanship seems increasingly appealing. You might have noticed that especially pottery is having a bit of a renaissance just now. It’s a way of getting away not just physically but mentally too; to focus on a creation of a tactile object where no smart phones, no Wi-Fi, no shiny clothes or no rush are needed. For some of them  being a ceramist has become a profession, or more; a life of its own. Luckily, these people do share their works via social media, especially Instagram has become a treasury for stunning pottery. On the occasion of the festive season, we’ve gathered some our our favourite artists and their masterpieces. Let your Christmas table pride with such handcrafted gems!

Eny Lee Parker
designnew york

Eny Lee Parker

New York

Praised by AD, Vogue or Sight Unseen, Eny Lee Parker is no stranger to the design world. Her wheel-thrown terra-cotta vessels and shapes form the bases of coffee tables and Oo lamps made it to all the design-savvy folks' hearts at Sight Unseen Offsite. Eny Lee Parker is a spatial designer emphasizing in objects, furniture and lighting, using clay as her main medium. Parker reclaims the essence of making used in traditional craft from our past – the slowness, the intention, the respect for natural resources, creating contemporary objects that brings awareness to our presence as well as to non-living things. We've got lucky to sit down with Eny and exchange ideas over a delish brunch in New York. She's a true global citizen who embraces a conscious lifestyle and way of traveling too. If you want to follow her journey, you may catch her in Paris or Sydney soon!

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