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Antwerp Diaries with Ellen Wauters

Antwerp Diaries with Ellen Wauters


For the Local's Lore community there is nothing new about our love towards the city of Antwerp, nor for design, secret hotspots and passionate like-minded superwomen, like Ellen Wauters. Let us introduce our latest local love-concept; Jackie Bohème and the visionary woman behind it. Jackie Bohème was founded by Ellen Wauters and tells her unique real estate story. She combines her intuitive and mindful power into real estate concepts that feel good and awake positive energy. You can engage in Jackie’s aesthetic adventure by booking a getaway in L’appartement Jackie, or by welcoming your guests for an event or stylish gathering in Maison Jackie. Both locations were curated by Jackie and her circle of designers who got to work their magic on the spaces. Want to add a little bit of Jackie to your everyday rituals? Then take a look at our Atelier Jackie webshop, a refined selection of items that embody the Jackie Bohème lifestyle. For your home, your wardrobe or on the go. Even if the "on the go" has to wait.

Keep Daydreaming with the Local

Keep Daydreaming with the Local's Lore APP

New York

If you were asked to recall the last travel memory that had the greatest effect on you, where would your thoughts take you? Who were you with? How would you describe your feelings? Just close your eyes, picture and embrace your surroundings. Share your memories with us and arrange them into guides with the Local's Lore APP. Don't forget to be grateful for such recollections! If there’s one thing we can do during quarantine time, is daydreaming about past memories and future realities. Even though we're not able to travel at the moment, we encourage you to put together your past or future dream journeys with the Local's Lore APP. It's absolutely free and it's made with 100% love. We’d also like to challenge you to support small local enterprises such as your favourite café, bakery or designer brand. As a gesture of your support and solidarity you may look around in your surroundings and buy from small scale grocery stores, web shops filled with locally produced goods, but you can also purchase gift cards and don’t ask for money back if your most awaited theatre play gets cancelled. Don't forget to fill your guides with your beloved hotspots, because once the storm is over, it will be the greatest inspiration to all of us. We will as well keep sharing local recommendations in order to keep supporting small businesses so you can include them in your future travel bucket list. Let’s keep taking care of each other, especially of the ones in need whether it’s on an individual or a small enterprise level. By sharing dreamy travel destinations and soulful stories from our community we also wish to inspire you to keep the positive mindset.

Musings: Interview with Monica Steffensen

Musings: Interview with Monica Steffensen


We're really excited to present you our interview with Monica Steffensen, Copenhagen-based photographer, writer and storyteller - happened to be our muse as well. Having travelled extensively as former full-time travel writer, and previously residing in both Paris and London, Monica is used to composing and bringing together written and visual content from near and far. Capturing spaces, moods and people, Monica is specialized in composing and bringing together written and visual content. Well, we are passionate about her work and excited to try and test her Copenhagen guide once the lockdown is over.  Happy daydreaming and we encourage you to embrace the Danish hygge while staying at home.

We are all in this together!

We are all in this together!


Here, at Local’s Lore we have always felt the most moved when seeing you guys shaping into a community of like-minded travelers. Every time you download our APP, create a city guide, share your hidden spots with your loved ones or use the hashtag #localslore, our hearts beat faster. Under the current circumstances, us, as a community should take care of each other. Let's cherish our memories of traveling for now, slow down and realise the joy of remembering the past explorations. You can organize your photos on your phone, fill up your maps with your kindest places and keep it for the future.  Despite this current situation in the travel industry, we’ve decided to keep inspiring you and spread some love and light during these times via Instagram and our lore section. There will be time after the COVID-19, when we will be able (and thrilled) to explore places again. We’ll keep sharing local hotspots in order to inspire you but more importantly to keep supporting small businesses. Staying in and slowing down allows us for a more conscious travel planning and leaning towards to a more conscious lifestyle. It’s also very important not to give up your hopes and dreams to see the world and reunite with your soulmates all over the globe soon. Either it means being up in the sky again seeking for new adventures or actually deciding on taking the train instead when applicable in order to reduce your ecological footprint. We encourage you to stay in, reflect, help the ones in need and take a conscious approach when it comes to traveling in the future. We’re sharing three keywords we shall all keep in mind.

Mapping Specialty Coffee: Seoul Edition by Sungmin Daniel Yoon

Mapping Specialty Coffee: Seoul Edition by Sungmin Daniel Yoon


Nothing really compares to the feeling when you see people using our Local's Lore platforms to share their recommendations all over the globe. Lately, Daniel decided to write a blogpost on his number one caffeinated hotspots in Seoul and include an ultimate guide powered by Local's Lore. "Friends in Korea and abroad, as well as my Instagram followers from various countries have continuously asked me to give recommendations for (1) aesthetic coffee shops, and (2) high-quality specialty coffee shops in Seoul. So I found it appropriate to share some of my specialty coffee memories with you all. I have accumulated data on about 250 different non-franchise, non-Starbucks-esque coffee shops just in Seoul (crazy!!) and narrowed down the number of coffee shops to a total of… [drum roll] Top 40 shops that offer specialty coffee only! I chose to mark these 40 coffee shops on this map based on a single debatable factor: coffee shops that have various degrees of importance on my time in Seoul. I admit, the map looks rather empty as shown in the image above. I decided to use Local's Lore as my platform to share my coffee map because . . . there isn’t a review section. . . !!"

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