“I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” - Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken
The philosophy behind Local’s Lore is the notion of connectivity. This interactive atlas intends to join kindred spirits though a mutual love for travel and design, which enables wanderers to find their destinations based on the knowledge given by those that live there. The result is a community that seeks to flatten the world, and create a common language between foreigner and local, one based on the lore of those that know the place best.  The most enchanting journeys throughout one’s lifetime are those that reveal the unexpected: and so begins the metamorphosis from lost to local. Here is a glimpse into an everyday beauty that is found in places that are treasured by locals, but often overlooked or forgotten by tourists. Our ambassadors are the most inspiring collective of guides. All of them are local tastemakers in their own rights and have a unique view on their cities. From photographers, through designers, entrepreneurs, baristas and brand strategists joined our community to together support the notion of conscious and insightful traveling. They all are different yet have a lot in common. They most of all feel the desire to share a unique list of lush spots which we'd like you to discover as well. Local's Lore is an invitation to join our journey and to seize the mantra; live global, experience local. MY MAPS Through the MY MAPS function, all of the users could create their own maps and customize the ambassadors recommendations based on their own preferences. The aim is to provide a tool for everyone where they can collect their memories and save it to the future, so as share it with their friends, family and business partners. Local’s Lore aims to make the future of travel and wayfinding easy, functional, innovative, memorable, fun and up-to-date. We allow users to customize their experiences on their own, and have a search function that is visually pleasing and easy to engage with. With MY MAPS, collecting and sharing hotspots becomes available to anybody, regardless age, gender, location etc. LORE Our lores were born out of pure curiosity. We are inquisitive about the history of the places we shop or eat, the people who own them. In order to satisfy our design-savvy users we chose storytelling so they return on a daily basis seeking for inspiring stories and imagery of secret hotspots, that are off the beaten paths. ART For those that are traveling, commuting or even often relocating their bases one of the best way to connect with (local) people is going to gallery openings. Local’s Lore strives to show galleries that are like nests for locals, but also contemporary museums that are at the same time remarkable pieces of architecture of our era.  CAFÉ Living the era of specialty coffee boom, Local's Lore curates those few places around the globe where there are progressive roasteries, devoted baristas, true coffee fans and most of all the best morning experience; decent coffee. It is apart from crowded streets and camera flashes, and lurks down cobblestone laneways freckled with cafes, the feeling of familiarity in the air, as baristas brew “the usual” and distribute the daily dose served in takeaway cups. RESTAURANT When it comes to gastronomy, discovering local niche places, restaurants with a story, places that are blurring the line between fine dining, traditional local cuisine and new-wave cuisine is our intention. Some days we prefer restaurants that are hip, on others that are luxurious and delicate, some days we are chasing the best local street food spots. It's about being in for every type of culinary experience as long as it's delicious and makes you feel local. SHOP Let us take you on a shopping journey beyond malls and fashion streets but instead discover the arty neighborhoods filled will design shops, concept stores, artisan delis or vintage boutiques. TAKE-AWAY "On the go" has become our daily credo, or rather a lifestyle. Whether it's a bagel, a slice of pizza, a veggie bowl or ice-cream we have gathered you some life-saver spots in the category.  BAR Have a fancy night and dive into vibrant bars or try the cities' best wineries, artisan beer places depending on your mood. Our ambassadors handpicked you the finest bars and the most authentic pubs so you get to sip a lavish cocktail in stylish surroundings or take a locally brewed beer on a sunny terrace, as you please.

Live global, experience local